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People have been creating websites for over two decades, using various web-building platforms or custom coding them from scratch.

When we decided to create a new website building tool, we wanted to change the way people think about creating websites.

We want it to be different.

Creating a website is so much more than just a process, it is an experience. We wanted to create a whole new level in user-experience with an interface that defines what creativity and design stands for.

That is exactly what we have achieved with VIGO.

The interface is simple and easy for anybody to use for a simple business website, yet extremely sophisticated, packed with so much advanced functionalities for designers and developers to create breathtakingly beautiful websites for their clients.

We have taken an extremely complex environment, stripped it from the unnecessary clutter to achieve total simplicity.

VIGO is so simple, it even works on a mobile phone – allowing anybody to create beautiful websites using their thumbs. You can create and manage your site on the go, right from your pocket.

What really sets VIGO apart is the state-of-the-art content builder. It is packed with the most complex functionality in a way that is so intuitive and easy to use. You simply select a content row layout, then add the content of your choice in each block.

We have incorporated all the tools you would need to create the perfect website. Tools like custom font integration, enquiry forms, Google maps, social media integration, images, videos, audio, downloadable files, blogging, e-commerce and so much more.

You can completely customize the look of your site by either selecting one of our pre-designed layouts, or create a totally unique template with our amazing template builder.

With VIGO you can create a website in minutes.

This not only benefits our public users but has a tremendous impact on creative businesses. Creatives are able to produce client websites in record turnover time, which means more websites, less time and more cash. Our reseller program allow creative businesses to earn commission on the VIGO subscriptions they sell, providing them with a platform to earn recurring income over a long period of time. They also get to pocket the money they charge for the design and setup of the website.

We see VIGO as defining a new direction in the website development world and in a big way, the beginning of a global change to the way people and businesses think about their online presence.



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