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The Perfect Tool For Start-Ups

Most business owners and start-up entrepreneurs are well aware of the importance of a website for their business and have a good understanding of the impact it can have in generating leads and increasing product sales.

The problem, however, is that everyone can’t afford a website because small businesses are being ripped-off by big web development agencies who charge big-business rates to small-business clients.

If you don’t have the capital to invest in a website from the get-go, do you have other options that can save you money or are you forced to settle for starting a business without a global audience to market to via your website?

For many years, paying a lot of money was your only option – but now, there’s VIGO.
For a small monthly fee of R99, you can get a website, a domain and email accounts for your business. The month-to-month subscription nature of VIGO means that no capital investment will be lost if your business closes down – you only pay for the months that your website is online.

Websites that are created with VIGO are mobile-friendly which means it won’t be affected by Mobilegeddon – Google’s new algorithms that penalize websites that are not mobile-friendly and drops them down the search rankings.

Your website can become an information hub between you and your clients – VIGO’s blogging functionality allows you to stay in touch with your clients. You can even update your website and your blog from your mobile phone – managing your website has never been this easy.

If you’re serious about saving money and reaching the billions of people who browse the internet every day, drop us an email on and we will get your business online in no time.


The following websites have all been created with VIGO - Click on an image to view the website.
Freshvest Website Created with VIGO
Nico Panagio Website Created with VIGO
Shape20 Website Created with VIGO
 SADE GILIBERTI Website Created with VIGO


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