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SEO Tips: Write High Quality Content

It should go without saying that quality content should always be the most important thing to focus on. On-page optimization to rank well for a certain keyword won’t help a thing if the quality of the content is not good enough.

Better content means more people will share the content and more people will link back to your website on other websites.

Google has a host of ranking factors that help them decide whether your page is high quality or not – below, we’ve jotted down some of these factors that will help you to get more people to read your quality content.

Keyword in the page URL

If you’re hoping to rank your page for “2015 Fashion trends”, then it would be a good idea to add that keyword/phrase to your page URL. This means your URL could look something like:

Keyword in the Title Tag

Make sure you include the keyword in the page title – the title tag is a website’s second most important piece of content (besides the content of the page) and therefore sends a strong on-page SEO signal.

Title Tag Starts with Keyword

According to data, title tags that start with a keyword tend to perform better than title tags with the keywords towards the end of the tag.

Keyword in Description Tag

Including the keyword into the description is not as important as it used to be, but certainly won’t do any damage to your SEO efforts.

Keyword Appears in H1 Tag

In the text editor of your website, you can highlight headings and set them as “Header 1” – this will send another relevancy signal to Google. Include your keyword in the H1 tag to give Google a better idea of what your content is about.
SEO Tips from VIGO

Keyword is the Most Frequently Used Phrase in the Copy

Make sure your keyword or phrase appears in the content frequently. Don’t over-use it as that can ruin the reading experience.

Content Length

Content with more words can cover a wider breadth and are usually preferred to shorter articles – having said that, do not make it too long and drawn-out. Get your point across quickly but make sure the content has substance.

Duplicate Content

Identical content on the same site, even slightly modified, can negatively influence a website’s search engine visibility.

Page Loading Speed

Both Google and Bing use page loading speed as a ranking factor. Search engine spiders can calculate your site speed fairly accurately based on a page’s code and filesize.

Make sure content like images are re-sized for website use.

Image Optimization

Images on your page sends search engines valuable relevancy signals through their file name, alt text, title and description tags. Make sure your images are relevant and that they also contain the keywords.

Grammar and Spelling

Proper grammar and spelling is a quality signal – not only does it help with SEO, but readers will appreciate the correct use of grammar and spelling as well.

These are only a few of the ranking factors that Google uses to rank your content – but make sure your content is of good quality and these points have been considered and your page’s SEO should improve drastically.


In VIGO, you can add all relevant SEO tags, descriptions and titles when you create a page or a blog post for your website. Make sure your clients can find you online, and SIGN UP with VIGO, today!
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