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Increase Website Views with Pinterest Widgets

Pinterest Pin It

The Pin It button is growing in polularity and it's not hard to see why - you can allow website visitors to pin content from your website to their Pinterest boards by adding a Pin It button to your website.

Once you've enabled the Pin It button, your website visitors do all the work - when they pin something, people on Pinterest will see it and your website will get more visitors if they like what they see.

The average pin gets reposted 11 times - that's a lot of potensional website views.

Pinterest Follow Button

Pinterest Follow Button

You can increase your followers on Pinterest by adding a follow button on your website.

Once someone follows you they will be able to view your pins on their Pinterest page which increases your online marketing reach.

The new follow button from Pinterest will pop-up when someone views your website which means they will never miss the opportunity to see more of our brand.

Pinterest Pin Share

You can showcase your most popular Pinterest Pins on your website, which will encourage more people to re-pin your post.

By adding your beautiful pins to your websites, your website will not only look better but you will also drive more traffic to your account on Pinterest.

Pinterest Pin Share Button


When you create a website in VIGO, you can add any scripts to your website's page. These scripts allows you to add things like Pinterest buttons to a page - simply create a new content block, click "add content", select the script option and paste the script.

As easy as that.


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