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How E-Commerce can help your Business

Many businesses who sell products are strangely reluctant to make the move into selling these products online, in an e-commerce environment. The fact, however, is that most of these businesses could really benefit from an e-commerce platform where customers can shop and order products online.

Even if your business has a store-front where customers can walk in, an e-commerce website can complement that by broadening your client-base to include potential clients who live in other areas of the country.

Selling Across South Africa and Worldwide

The beauty of an e-commerce website is that it allows you to market your products all over South Africa and even across the world. Your shop might be based in Cape Town, which means that anyone outside of Cape Town will struggle to purchase the products that you offer.

By having an online shop, you enable customers to view, order and pay for products online, from anywhere in the world.

Online Payment and Deliveries

When buying your products online, customers are able to pay via a wide variety of online payment methods. Platforms like PayFast and PayPal can be integrated to receive credit card payments while customers also have the option to pay via EFT.

Once payment has been received, you can simply ship the goods off to the customer. As simple as that.

Save Money

Retail space is one of the biggest expenses for shop owners. If you’re looking to establish a footprint for your business all over South Africa, you’ll have to fork out a lot of rental expenses to secure retail space in all major business hubs.

With an online shop, these costs are eliminated completely. You can run one website that features all your products for clients all over South Africa.

More Effective Marketing

Online marketing is booming right now and there are good reasons for it. Unlike most traditional market methods, online marketing can be targeted to reach potential clients who are already looking for the products that you offer.

With tools like Google Adwords, Remarketing and Facebook Adverts, you can place advertising content right under the nose of people who are looking for your products.

Online marketing offers a greater return on investment and often cost substantially less than traditional marketing.

E-commerce is Getting Cheaper

Not too long ago, most people could not afford e-commerce websites as the setup and development costs were simply too high. Now, with tools like VIGO, you can create an online shop for as little as R150 per month. This online shop includes unlimited uploads of products, payment gateways, shipping cost calculators and is responsive to work on mobile devices.

Create your online shop and allow customers to find you, no matter where they are or what devices they are using.


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