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Running an Effective Blog on Your Website

With so many business websites on the World Wide Web these days, it is becoming increasingly important for you to add elements to your online presence that differentiate you from your competition.

Not only do you want to rank better for Search Engines, but you’ll also want website visitors to share your content to their friends and family on social media platforms – a great tool to use, is VIGO’s blogging functionality that comes as part of your subscription.

What Should I Blog About?

Most people struggle to understand exactly what to blog about. The exact content of your blog will depend on your industry but generally you’d like to write about and share any interesting, industry-related content.

A good place to start is to share tips of the trade – share just enough information to keep people interested while not giving too much away for free. This way, should readers need more information or help, they’ll be able to contact you via the website.

How Often Should I Post on my Blog?

While there’s no fixed rule to this, it helps to post as often as possible, while ensuring that anything you post is newsworthy and will encourage people to share it.

Posting for the sake of posting is never a good thing – the content must be of the highest quality.

Posting too little can also be harmful to your business, so a good rule of thumb is to try and post at least once a week.

Make Your Blog Easy to Share

When using VIGO as your website and blogging platform, you can easily incorporate sharing tools like AddThis – this will add social sharing buttons to your blog post which means your readers can simply click to share the post onto their favourite social media websites.

Where and How Can I set up a Business Blog?

If you’re in need of a blog or a website for your business, you can view where you can get a website and a blog for as little as R150 per month, with your domain and email hosting included.

All in all, your business’ blog should reflect the quality and culture of your business. Don’t make things too formal and keep the tone light and friendly, as if you’re in conversation with your potential clients.


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