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Why Personalised Email Addresses are better for Business

There are plenty of free email providers out there – Gmail and Yahoo, for example, are both global companies who offer free email hosting services to anyone in the world.

Because of this, it is no surprise that so many people use email accounts – but this is not always the best route to go when you’re running a professional business.

When registering a domain name for your business, you enable yourself to add email accounts to the domain as well.

Example: if you own, you can get an email account like or

Gmail’s popularity means that most usernames have already been taken – you’ll likely end up with something like – just take a moment to compare the possibilities: compared to – it is fairly clear to see which one looks more professional.

If someone hands me a business card with a Gmail email account printed on it, I immediately wonder: if he can’t be bothered to get a personalised email address, how serious does this guy take his business?


Domain and email hosting does not cost an arm and a leg and is probably more affordable than you might think – at VIGO, we offer domain and email hosting as part of our R150 per month subscription – for R 150 per month, you can get a professional looking website, your own domain and up to 100 email accounts that look much more professional than any Gmail or Yahoo account.

For more information about looking more professional when doing business, email us on


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