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African Tech Startup to end Wordpress’ Dominance?

African startup and website builder, VIGO, is adamant that its software is more user-friendly and flexible for local startup ventures, than Wordpress. To use Wordpress to its full capabilities, business owners need a lot of technical knowledge while VIGO is easy to use for anyone with limited website-building experience.

A summary of the main benefits of VIGO vs Wordpress, can be read below.

I recently got involved in a discussion with someone who is familiar with Wordpress, the open-source website building platform, and wanted to know why VIGO is a better solution and why someone should pay R 150 per month for a VIGO subscription and domain hosting package.

Naturally, in a discussion like this, various pros and cons for either platform will be thrown to and fro, with some points being more relevant than others. In this post, I’ve taken some of the queries posed to me, and tried to explain in which way VIGO is equal, or in most cases, better, for the South African startup market than Wordpress.

Ease of Use

From the early stages of creating a Wordpress website, you could find it quite tricky to get it set up – if MySQL, .html and FTP sound foreign to you, chances are you’ll have to do quite a lot of research before being able to set up your database to create your Wordpress website.

With VIGO, the registration process is automated – basically, this means that after signing up, all databases are set up for you automatically, so you can start loading content to your website immediately – no need to read through endless online forums to understand how to set up a database.


When it comes to Wordpress, most of the themes are fairly rigid in that you cannot change much of it to suit your exact needs. If you don’t understand any coding, you’re stuck with whatever layout, design and colour scheme the developer chose for that theme – not exactly the flexibility you need for your business’ website.

With VIGO, you can choose a pre-designed theme as well, as you would with Wordpress, which will then allow you to simply add your own text and images and other content into the pre-designed layout.

If you do require a more custom design, however, you can change the layout completely, using our grid-based page builder.

Even the header and footer of your website can be changed and you can place things like your logo and menu bar, wherever you’d like it – Wordpress themes mostly have a set position for each of these elements.

Wordpress also makes use of sidebars that have set positions – inside these sidebars, you can add various 3rd-party widgets. With VIGO, you can add a widget into any content block, with any width and any placement within your website – this gives you unlimited power of the exact design layout for the various elements on your website.

All of this can be done with absolutely no coding knowledge – if you can upload images on Facebook, you can upload content in VIGO.


As far as SEO goes, VIGO has you covered. SEO keywords and meta data tags for pages, blog posts, e-commerce products and images can all be inserted when creating your website with VIGO, with no need to install extra plugins as you would with Wordpress.

What is Possible?

Our conversation quickly turned to what is possible with VIGO? What if I really wanted a website that stands out from the crowd?

As an example of something different, created with VIGO, I showed him this: - a website that we created with VIGO, to showcase our parallax scrolling capabilities.

I was then sent the challenge of whether VIGO could create something more bespoke like the Bloomberg Professional website ( – not a problem, I said, VIGO has background videos covered, as can be seen on the new website for Digital Drawing Room (

To go one further, I decided to recreate the home page of the Bloomberg Professional website, using VIGO – you can view and compare it to the original, here: - note that all links are inactive on this demo site.

Some more special effects...

With VIGO, you can add special effects to any content block - this means content can be animated to draw the user's attention.

This is a great way to make your website more memorable.

Support – Local is Lekker

A big problem when it comes to support for Wordpress, is that you’re limited to community forums and chat rooms to find solutions for your queries. As an open-source platform, Wordpress does not have a dedicated support team, like VIGO has.

VIGO is proudly developed in Cape Town, South Africa, which means you can simply pick up the phone, and give us a call. You can also drop us an email on and we’ll respond in a timely manner because we don’t have time-zones to worry about when providing support for local business owners.

Heck, if you really want to, you can even come and see us at the office, to help you out with creating a new website.


It is no secret that Wordpress makes use of a huge number of plugins that allow website owners to add different functionality into the sidebars of their websites.

While this can add great functionality to your website, it offers two problems for users:

Because of the open-source nature of Wordpress, the scripts and code used by various developers for their plugins, often causes other plugins to crash or stop working properly when more than one plugin is installed. When this happens, the lack of support becomes an issue – now you have to scour through endless forums to try and find a solution – if it were VIGO, you could simply pick up the phone, and give us a call.

The other issue with plugins are that they generally go into the sidebar of your website – these sidebars, as mentioned above, are usually in a fixed position which means you’re limited to where plugins can be displayed.

VIGO’s grid-based page builder solves this problem, allowing you to add plugins into content blocks, anywhere on your website, without the fear of other elements malfunctioning.

Mobile Friendly

While most newly developed Wordpress themes are mobile friendly and responsive, some of the older themes are not – with Google’s “mobilegeddon” punishing websites for not being mobile friendly, this has become a very important factor for website owners.

It should go without saying that no matter how you arrange your content on a VIGO website, all themes are responsive and you have no worries about being penalized by Google or other search engines.
If you’re a South African startup or small to medium enterprise owner, VIGO offers you an affordable and flexible solution to market your business online. Starting at R 1 440 per annum, you can get a website, domain and email hosting and support for your new website.

For examples of websites created with VIGO, click the thumbnails below.
Energy and Vitality
Mechanism Capital VIGO Website
My WaterClub VIGO Website


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