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We have recently received a couple of very concerning emails and messages on social media platforms with regards to the debiting of funds from bank accounts across the world.

Please note that “VIGO MKP”, the company that is responsible for these debit orders, has no connection to VIGO Brand Management in any way or form.

What we have been able to ascertain via a Facebook user, is that VIGO MKP seems to be a Chinese entity – how they have managed to get access to public bank accounts, is not known.

It is also important to notice that we are situated in Cape Town, South Africa and currently only trade in South African Rands. Even though we do make use of debit orders as method of receiving funds from our subscribers, we are in possession of signed documentation from every subscriber, that give us the right to do so.

All debit orders that are collected by VIGO Brand Management, is done so with consent of our subscribers and the transactions happen in Rands, not Dollars.

The amount of +/- $50 dollars that are being withdrawn by VIGO MKP is substantially more than any amount that we debit as per our Pricing page on

We understand the frustrations of the individuals who have fallen victim to this scam and we are happy to provide any information that would bring the perpetrators to justice.

With Regards
Senior Management,
VIGO Brand Management.
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